Percussion ‘You Tube’ clips for the curious


Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra Vienna Philharmonic Dudamel

Ravel: Bolero London Symphony Orchestra Gergiev

Behind the scenes look at Britten’s Young Person’s Guide, bass drum and cymbals

Sean Connery narrated the Percussion Section of Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Amazing castanet lady

Buddy Rich vs Animal

Giovanni Hidalgo “a symphony of percussion”

“Come on you boys in green” RTE Concert Orchestra Percussion section

Lord of the Rings chains on piano featuring Steve Kelly

Heartbeat, from Riverdance with percussionist, Noel Eccles.

David Corkhill demonstrates orchestral percussion instruments

West Side Story percussion filmed with a GoPro

Joseph Hollings using Youtube examples to demonstrate orchestral percussion instruments in more depth

Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Latin American Instruments Demonstrated and Described

A tune demonstrating the playing of Latin American percussion instruments

Indian, Middle eastern, African Drumming at Berklee

Japanese Taiko Drummers

Hans Zimmer – Percussion Session on Man of Steel Soundtrack